Maredi Holdings

Supply Chain Management & Transport

Freight Trucking

MH Logistics has the capability to deliver innovative and flexible transport solutions that are optimised and sustainable. These solutions range from; - General and bulk freight (Contracted and line hauling), Specialised transportation of chemicals, Minerals, Timber and Abnormal loads. - With Advanced fleet management capabilities and compliance with safety standards, we are driven to deliver results that sets us apart.


We develop supply chains that are adaptable, responsive and vissible, resulting in performance based processes that are cost effective, environmentaly friendly and drives profits up. - We create solutions that enable businesses to quickly adapt to changing markets.

Supply Chain and Logistics Process in E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry is not just limited to setting up a website and selling products online. It includes product configuration, suitable infrastructure, logistics, secured payment gateway, and supply chain management. An efficient supply chain accelerates e-commerce processes to meet customers’ expectations.